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Mission Statement

Mountain Earth Technologies LLC offered a comprehensive mobile Cast Earth delivery service throughout the Southwest. Unfortnately, the company has become inactive.

Mountain Earth Equipment

Building A Cast Earth Structure

A very useful and versatile piece of equipment for mixing Cast Earth is the Concrete Mobile Mixer, shown here.

For more information on Mobile Mixers, including a drawing of the workings of a Mobile Unit, visit this link ; for still more information, visit this link.

Mountain Earth purchased a new set of lightweight aluminum forms, an ideal configuration for Cast Earth. Because the mix is less dense than concrete, forming is less subject to blowout, and takes fewer form ties. This forming system in the Cast Earth Pantheon takes advantage of the benign characteristics of the formulation.





For handling forms and for loading "Super Sacks" of calcined gypsum into the Mobile Mixer, Mountain Earth also owns a hydraulic boom truck.